Almost a decade ago, Francesca – known to her friends as Kix – was introduced to yoga at a gym, in an environment entirely focused on the physical aspect of the practice. Intrigued by the asana and their benefits, she was drawn to the deeper meaning of the practice. In the beautifully diverse city of San Francisco, her interest in yoga flourished from asana to meditation, Ayurveda and Philosophy.

Today, yoga as a lifelong practice continuously fascinates her as it varies from day-to-day because of so much it has to offer. Francesca is interested in continuously learning more about the yoking of the body, the mind and the soul. She is passionate about empowering her students and creating space where they may find equal parts of ease and effort, not just in their practice but in their own lives as well. She hopes that through sharing her practice, she could inspire others to see the light within them that they may eventually recognize it in others.